About Us

    My name is Matthew Dellwo.  I grew up in Minnesota drinking from the garden hose and swimming in the duck pond.  My family was big into hunting and fishing so naturally I followed suit.  I loved the outdoors and all that went with it.  My love and enjoyment of guns grew every season that passed.  I was able to tag along a couple of times to the local gunsmith and that was it.  I was hooked.  It was the guns and the smells of all the cool things in there most of which I had no idea what it wad.  But those experiences were magical and I told myself one day I was going to do this.  

         So life went on.  I did a little time in the army as a helicopter mechanic and then went into hydraulics all the while dreaming of one day owning my own shop.  Later I moved to Colorado and got into HVAC.  My dream was yet closer but still so far off.

        I moved to Idaho in 2008 and I knew my dream was closer than ever.  I was finally able to buy a house and build a shop and because I was able to maintain a permanent address, I was able to acquire my FFL and open up my dream.

"Happiness is a Warm Gun"...The Beatles

We are located in the beautiful mountains of McCall, Idaho.  Though we started our business locally we are proud to be able to service folks from all over the world.  Let our experts customize your firearm to your specific needs so you can add a little bit of yourself to your weapon.  

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